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What time does registration start?

Registration starts at 5:00 PM on your first day of camp in the Chapel. You will need your campers payment and any medicine your camper takes to turn in to the nurse. No one can move into the dorms until they have gone through registration. Dinner will be served for the campers after registration is over.


Where do I pick my child up at the end of the week?

Check out will be in the Dining Hall on your camper's last day of camp. All weeks except Alpha Bits will check out at 1:00 PM. Alpha Bits will check out at 5:00 PM.


What all does my camper need to pack?

Click the link here for a copy of our packing list.


Do I need to bring anything for food allergies?

We ask that if your camper has a food allergy, that you pack a few microwavable meals to have on hand at the camp. Please mark any container with your camper's name.

My child has to leave for a few hours and then come back, is that ok?

We discourage campers from leaving during their week, but we understand that can't always happen. If you need to take your camper, you will need to let the camp manager and the dean know and sign them out.


Have more questions?

Email us if you have any more questions about our Summer Camp programs.

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