Meet the Deans

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Channon Martin

Channon has been involved with camp since the summer of 2011. He has served the camp in many ways from being an employee in the kitchen to volunteering with every week of camp to now leading the Junior High camp. He has been helping with Junior High and Senior High camps for many years. If you need to contact him, you can do so by clicking his picture.


Marty Rind

Marty grew up in Illinois and moved to Lima, Ohio in 2018 after graduating college. He’s the Youth Pastor at

Rousculp Church of Christ in Lima and absolutely loves it. He has been involved with various weeks of camp since 2018. He’s been following Jesus since he was 15 and been leaning on Him through all of life’s ups and downs. He’s had three heart surgeries all before the age of 13 and is healthy and doing well now. If you need to contact him, you can do so by clicking his picture.


Becky Perry

The dean of Junior, Becky Perry, has been attending Western Buckeye Camp for six years. She is the Children's Minister at Troy Christian Church and is passionate about leading kids towards a meaningful relationship with God. Becky and her team of volunteers enjoy the opportunity to invest in junior campers and help them create lifelong memories and experiences at Western Buckeye Camp. Feel free to contact her by clicking on her picture.


Ty Daft

Ty is a member at Bethel Church of Christ in Ada, OH. He met his wife, Bethany while attending Johnson Bible College (now Johnson University) in Knoxville, TN. From there, he graduated with a degree in youth ministry. The couple now has three fast growing boys (Will , Jase, and Tanner). He currently operates a straw blanket manufacturing business for erosion control. He spent many summers working at WBCC during college and even after. He also serves as a trustee on the camp board. He's very excited about this year's Heart Start Camp. Feel free to contact him by clicking on his picture


Hannah Martin

Hannah has been the dean of Alpha-Bits since 2014 and has also led a Heart Start week. She was also the camp's Preschool Director/Teacher. Hannah and her volunteers come full of energy and ready to help your kids grow in their faith, even at their little age. She takes great joy in teaching, singing, swimming and just having fun with your kids. If you need to contact her for anything, feel free to email her by clicking on her picture.